Mitsotakis actualized the trademark "Macedonia the Great" as a "powerful tool of economic diplomacy"

photo: Alexandros Michailidis

In the current circumstances, the Macedonian label is becoming a powerful tool of economic diplomacy. I am really sorry when I hear top Greek wine producers in our country telling us that there are wines that appear as Macedonian and that some customers from abroad should have North Macedonia in mind when they talk about Macedonian wines, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said from Thessaloniki , said the correspondent of MIA from Athens.

In the speech of the General Assembly of the Association of Greek Exporters (SEVE), Mitsotakis also referred to the trade mark "Macedonia the Great" for Greek products, promoted in November 2019, precisely by the specific Association, he recalled that he then attended the presentation expressing full support, which he repeated tonight.

- It took us some time to register (the trademark), but we are on the right track. It is a move that gains current significance after the last provocative regressions of our northern neighbors. Our diplomatic reaction should be accompanied by a commercial counterattack, primarily with the authenticity and quality of the products and services of our Macedonia, and it is in your hands to achieve this together, Mitsotakis told the attendees of the SEVE General Assembly.

Apart from the trade mark, the Greek Prime Minister referred to the Prespa Agreement and the latest developments in bilateral relations, once again saying that the EU perspective of Skopje passes through Athens.

- Seeing the rise of nationalism in Skopje for a long time, we remained cautious in accepting the memoranda accompanying the Agreement. Unfortunately, the developments justified this caution on our part. The position of the new president and her supporters there, unfortunately, and the prime minister's mandate is both illegal and provocative. That is why Greece rejects it and does not accept it. The neighboring country must realize, and I think most citizens of North Macedonia realize this, that the road to Europe and progress also passes through our country. And it can stop there, the Greek Prime Minister pointed out.

Once again he reminded that New Democracy voted against the Prespa Agreement, but explaining that "not because we did not want a solution to the issue, but because the specific Agreement gave away nationality and language, Macedonian nationality and language to the neighbors, thus undermining the future".

He pointed out that they warned, even before they came to power in 2019, that if this Agreement is ratified, it cannot be changed later.

- As a new Government, we respected this Greek signature of an international agreement, which prevails over any law, Mitsotakis pointed out.

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