At the leadership meeting with Kovacevski, Mickovski offered three dates for early elections or a broad government

At the leadership meeting with the Prime Minister and SDSM leader Dimitar Kovacevski, the president of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski he offered September 24, October 1 or October 8 as dates for early parliamentary elections or a broad government, as well as a protected identity and rapid integration into the European Union.

Is it more likely that there will be elections or a broad government with SDSM for the process of constitutional amendments, Mickoski says that VMRO-DPMNE is "ready to have elections an hour later".

"But, unfortunately, we don't have 61 people in the Parliament with which it would be dissolved," Mickoski said tonight in an interview with Sittel TV.

He repeated that he will support constitutional amendments only if they have a delayed effect, that is, if they come into force when the country becomes a member of the European Union. In the opposite case, Mickoski said, VMRO-DPMNE "does not intend to support any constitutional amendments that will mean uncertainty in the negotiation process."

When asked if VMRO-DPMNE will accept the constitutional amendments in a parliamentary procedure when the Government sends them, if they are valid after a delay, he answered that then they will ask for the EU and the USA to be the guarantors.

"That proposal will be submitted to the office of the European Union and the United States, and they will be the guarantor of that process, that Macedonia will apply these constitutional amendments to its Constitution on the day when the ratification of the accession protocol by the EU member states begins," said the opposition leader. leader.

When asked why they would not be with DUI in a broad government and whether cooperation with SDSM means that it legitimizes the policies of Kovacevski's party, Mickoski answered that "SDSM is a tenant in its Government" and that "policies in the Government are de facto led by DUI".

"The only messages we see are from the ministers who are not from the SDSM, on various topics - justice, education, economy, health... These are the drivers of the Government's policies and it is logical that those people who presented themselves as the bearers of the Government's work, which is unsuccessful, let's accuse them of failing to govern that Government. As far as the SDSM is concerned, anyone who has committed a crime will be held accountable," Mickoski said, adding that a broad transitional government would not mean "amnesty for many criminal cases that have been going on for the past six years."

When asked whether VMRO-DPMNE "will be forced" to form a government with Ali Ahmeti's party, if DUI wins the next elections in the Albanian political bloc, Mickoski answered: "the rule of winner with winner has long been invalid."

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