Mickoski: We are looking for elections, Kovacevski is a henchman who was not elected by the people, and Ali is a slave

Photo: Free Press / Arbnora Memeti

The President of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski today he repeated the request for early parliamentary elections to bring in, as he said, a government elected by the people.

Answering journalist's questions during today's visit to Gazi Baba, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE said that Kovacevski was not elected by the people and that he is a follower of Ali Ahmeti.

"That's roughly how things work there - you know who is the owner and who is the henchman. In this case, Ali is the owner, and Dimitar Kovacevski is the henchman. And what Ali will tell him, Dimitar Kovacevski will say. The man in politics is appointed, not elected, and people who are appointed can have that political matrix, to listen to the one who appointed him before, and now to the one who allows him to stay in the chair one more day so that he can to enjoy the privileges that he drew at the expense of the citizens and at the expense of the state. That's the essence of his political functioning and I think that's very bad," Mickowski said, answering a journalist's question about the Prime Minister's statements that the idea of ​​a government against DUI is a bad thing.

Commenting on the strained relations with Bulgaria, Mickoski assessed that the Government, despite all the concessions it made, now with its, as he said, political amateurism, managed to put the country in a position to suffer criticism and insults from Bulgarian politicians.

"It's as if someone deliberately wants to push Macedonia into a scenario where the European integration of our country will be politicized, where this process of starting negotiations with the European Union will be politicized, so political heroes are created from political marginals. The policy of go forward - stop, then take two steps back, with the so-called persona non grata, so we were joking - it was not persona non grata, it only leads to complicated relations, strained relations and creating great tension in society," he said. Mickoski.

He called on the authorities in the country to stop with, as he says, this type of amateurism and emphasized that VMRO-DPMNE will support everything that protects the Macedonian national interests, and told the politicians in Bulgaria to deal, above all, with the standard in their country, and not to lead a campaign that hates Macedonia more.

"My message to the Macedonian authorities is to stop this type of amateurism, illiteracy and exhibitionism and everything that is in the protection of the Macedonian national interests, VMRO-DPMNE is here to support, stand and stand in the forefront. And my message to the Bulgarian politicians is to dedicate themselves to improving the standard in their Bulgaria, instead of building a campaign on who hates it more and who spits more on Macedonia and Macedonians, because in the past 30 years, it has decreased by 30 percent the number of inhabitants in Bulgaria. And it is not by chance that they are fleeing from Bulgaria, despite the fact that they are a member of the European Union, because they do not trust the politicians there, they see that instead of working for the interests of the Bulgarian citizens, they work for their personal interests and get rich," said Mickoski. .

Regarding constitutional changes, Mickoski says that they will not happen in this parliamentary composition.

"We did not go to the elections to promise constitutional changes to the citizens. We warned them not to sign it, not to enter into an adventure and not to impose additional conditions on the citizens so that this country can start negotiations with EU membership," Mickoski said.

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