Mickoski has chosen his partners if he forms a government

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If Mickoski's plan is realized, in the future government led by VMRO-DPMNE, ZNAM, Left and the "Vredi" coalition, which the opposition leader publicly wanted as a government partner, will participate.

The call for Macedonian national unity and a moratorium on the attacks on ZNAM and Levica, which the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski addressed at the beginning of the campaign for the parliamentary elections, can be read as drawing the contours of the possible new government cabinet, if Mickoski is the mandate holder for the composition of the new government. If Mickoski's plan is realized, in the future government led by VMRO-DPMNE, they will participate I KNOW, Left and the coalition "It's worth it", which the opposition leader publicly wanted as a government partner.

Otherwise, if the idea is for national unity, then why does Mickoski forget SDSM, GROM, New Alternative and other Macedonian parties participating in the elections in the call?
The initial positions of ZNAM and the Left are that without their participation there will be no new government, but they do not specify whether they would be part of a government led by VMRO-DPMNE.

Mickoski: Need of the Macedonian people

Mickoski from the rally in Ohrid called for Macedonian national unity.

- VMRO Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity, it is a very strong name, which is not only because of the historical VMRO and the continuity that we refer to as an idea and organization that we celebrate and which is an inseparable part of the Macedonian national movement and perhaps the most significant for the Macedonian national identity , but at the same time because of the obligation and responsibility, which the second part of the name carries with it. For a long time, that obligation and responsibility seemed to be avoided, sometimes it was neglected, sometimes even the attempts to make it come true were discounted, but there were attempts, albeit unsuccessful, - Mickoski said.

He also said that he wants to be the unifier and the first initiative in that direction
announced a moratorium and a halt to all attacks against the Left and ZNAM parties.

- I feel this as a need of the Macedonian people, but also as my obligation to try to realize the idea of ​​national unity in moments when the state needs it the most, in moments when the state is taken away from the people and is in the hands of a few corrupt politicians. from DUI with several corrupt politicians from SDSM, who are sitting on the lap of these from DUI - said Mickoski.

According to him, now is the moment for national unity, and in the future the moment will come for civil unity, regardless of ethnicity. Mickoski emphasized that they have differences with both parties of both ideological and principled nature, but now, according to him, the most important thing is to "focus on those who hijacked the state".

- Disagreements will certainly continue, but we must find a common language, regardless of personal and party vanities and interests. I do not expect them to do the same. Maybe they will attack me for this gesture, maybe some will justifiably say that it is late, but despite that, no matter how the mentioned parties behave, we as a party will stick to our word - Mickoski said.

VMRO-DPMNE say that it is a political move, but they do not specify whether Mickoski considers ZNAM and Levica to be government partners. When asked why the call is only to ZNAM and Left, they say that only those parties, as well as VMRO-DPMNE, refer to national issues.

Left: The call is hypocrisy

Maxim Dimitrievskand the leader of ZNAM, in a guest appearance on Radio Leader, said that it was their idea and that at the local level, although they have not officially signed a coalition with VMRO-DPMNE, they definitely have cooperation.

- I am honestly impressed that not only in this case, but in a large number of cases, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE is copying us in some procedures. We came out as a party and said that we will not negotiate with anyone until a national platform is offered. You cannot achieve a greater effect in the implementation of a multi-ethnic movement if you do not have national unity. It can be done. Without ZNAM there is no future government. We do not attack, we only discuss constructively - says Dimitrievski.

He says he will form a coalition with whoever accepts his terms.


The initial reaction of the Left is that the call for national unification and a moratorium on attacks is the hypocrisy of VMRO-DPMNE, because until yesterday, as they say, the opposition party led a systematic campaign against their party and propagated that a vote for the Left is a vote for DUI.

- With that, in a way, he crushed the core of the Macedonian unification. They could direct all that black campaign to Kasami, who on several occasions made statements directly against the integrity of the Republic. It is very hypocritical and harmful to attack the Left when on all the national issues that were a challenge, it has always been consistent with its principles. This is not how the Macedonian core is united. Maybe now the polls are not right because VMRO said 61 MPs, then reduced it to 58, and now the limit is 54 MPs. I think the motive behind the statement is that right before the elections they saw that there would be no government without the Left and that they would have to negotiate with us. But we are difficult to negotiate, because we have positions that we do not give in to, especially when the main challenge is the Bulgarians in the Constitution. We are drastically different from them. We are in favor of ending the negotiations with Bulgaria, abolishing the historical commission, for Macedonia to continue the negotiations with the EU - they say to "Sloboden Pechat" from Left.

From the European Front, led by DUI, they state that Mickoski has officially declared a coalition with Left and ZNAM, with, as they say, two parties closely connected to Moscow and various pro-Russian circles.

- Mickoski asked for Macedonian national unity, without other ethnicities in the country, in order to get the country out of the hands of the Albanians. We remind him that North Macedonia paved the way for equality, democracy and membership in the great European family. DUI and the European Front, as a multi-ethnic front, will not allow the country to go back to international isolation, and this will be sealed on April 24 and May 8, when Bujar Osmani will be elected president, while the European Front will be the key to formation of the future government - say the European Front.

The Vredi coalition, on the other hand, has not yet answered whether they would be part of a government led by Mickoski if VMRO-DPMNE wins the elections.

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