Mickoski: Unsuccessful leadership, Kovachevski proposed five portfolios for VMRO-DPMNE to support constitutional changes

Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski suggested to me that VMRO-DPMNE enter the Government with five of the 10 portfolios that are now managed by SDSM as a condition to support the constitutional amendments, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski after the leadership meeting at the Club of Deputies. He repeated that he will not support constitutional changes under Bulgarian dictation.

"We discussed the proposals made by Kovacevski, of which I would single out one: he suggested that a discussion be started and opened within the parliament, with a two-thirds majority to vote on the need to change the Constitution, and then to form a government, in which of the ten departments managed by the SDSM, five should be given to VMRO-DPMNE, the constitutional amendments should be completed, the negotiation process should begin and then chapters one, two, three should be closed, depending on the speed, and that government should go in parliamentary elections. To this I replied that it is fine, I understand the offer and I have the following attitude about it: VMRO-DPMNE is ready to enter the Government with SDSM, but without the participation of DUI in that Government," Mickoski said.

He then presents what he answered, ie that VMRO-DPMNE is ready to participate in the Government, while the elections are organized by a technical Government, and the constitutional amendments are valid from the day when the ratification of the accession protocol of Macedonia within the EU by the parliaments of 27 member states begins.

"He records that as a violation of the negotiation framework. I then offered him to go to early parliamentary elections in the fall, to form a government with a broad national unity where DUI will not be a part and since no member country has any objection to the Macedonian centuries-old identity, tradition, culture, customs, the Macedonian language, then I I am ready to talk to European Prime Ministers, so that they can vote for a stronger guarantee for what we are saying, so let's see if it is really as they say it is, and considering that Bulgaria also has an elected Government. And let's come and say that Europe stands behind the centuries-old identity," Mickoski said.

Regarding good neighborliness, Mickoski said that he demands the implementation of the decisions from Strasbourg concerning the Macedonians in Bulgaria.

"I would like to be a good neighbor with Bulgaria and from those 14 court cases in Strasbourg, Bulgaria would choose three and apply them. Let Bulgaria choose, not us. Of these six which are final, let him choose three. Then we will say it is good, there is a positive wind and people in Bulgaria will feel that someone from their home country is behind them. He did not accept it, because it is a change of negotiating framework. But we are looking for a package, care, and not a negotiation framework," Mickoski added.

Mickoski concluded that the leaders' meeting clearly showed the positions that at this moment there is no two-thirds majority in the parliament and that there should be a relaxation in society as soon as possible, and the only way is to go to early parliamentary elections practically as soon as possible so that the citizens can get a government like what they deserve, not a government that does not represent their interests.

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