Mickoski can gamble with his own, but not with the Macedonian future, says Bitici

Photo: Government of RSM

"Mickoski can gamble with his own, but not with the Macedonian future!", writes the vice-prime minister in a post on Facebook. Fatmir Bytyqi.

"We will not allow him that." He obviously recognized the outstretched social democratic hand and was caught off guard before the decisions that must be made for our European path, and every now and then he conditions again. Previously, others from outside set conditions for us. Now, Mickoski, on behalf of VMRO-DPMNE, sets conditions for the Government and the Macedonian citizens to support the country's European path. Is that patriotism? No, it is an attempt to get to power, and after that to invent new conditions and new blockades. That is why we are careful, we will not allow him to squander the European chance offered to our people", Bitici writes in the post.

"Northern Macedonia has a clear, pure European chance. The current global trends have created conditions for the enlargement of the EU with countries from the Western Balkans to be a recent reality," he adds.

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