Mickoski: I'll have to say that embarrassing adjective

There will be no constitutional amendments and Bulgarian diktat while I am prime minister. People who know me know that my word weighs a mountain. I will do my best as long as I live to correct the injustice, but right now I am powerless.

I'll have to say that embarrassing adjective. You will see what work means. My fight every day will be not to disappoint the citizens. I promise I won't give up. Our citizens deserve better. In a few hours, the first hundred days of the new government will begin. We promise that we will raise standards, reduce taxes, increase pensions, start a front against corruption and the beginning of new capital infrastructure projects, said the new Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski in the Parliament tonight where the new government was voted.

He said that the citizens need a higher standard, higher wages, a more peaceful life, a desire to live here in Macedonia.



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