Mickoski: If the leadership meeting is without substance and without conclusion, it is better not to have it

Hristijan Mickoski / Photo: VMRO-DPMNE
My experience of leadership meetings with Dimitar Kovachevski is based on two events, says the president of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski in a guest appearance on the show 360 Degrees on ALSAT M television, who commented on the announced leadership meeting for which there is still no official invitation and added that the the two leadership meetings, Kovachevski had a sheet of paper in front of him from which he was reading, and after reading it, the meetings ended without any substance or conclusion.
- The first event is after he accepted the last proposal in public known as the French proposal in the Club of Deputies, he came with a piece of paper from which he was reading. I told him the remarks and he then gave an answer based on what I told him and the leadership meeting ended, we each gave our statements, received a question from the journalists and left. Then he organized a leadership meeting in a broader format within the parliament. He came to that leadership meeting accompanied by Ali Ahmeti and Talat Xhaferi. Talat Xhaferi's presence was in the role of host because it was happening in the Macedonian assembly. Again, he had several sheets of paper in front of him, he cleared what was written to him, each of those present gave his opinion and then we all went outside, gave a statement and again nothing happened, Mickoski pointed out.
President Mickoski said that if Kovacevski expects to have a new leadership meeting that will pass like the previous two, without substance and conclusion, it is better not to have it.
- If we have a leadership meeting or a team meeting, no matter what you want to call it without substance, without conclusion, it is better not to have it. Why should we burden the citizens, Mickoski believes.
The President of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, in tonight's interview on the 360 ​​degrees show on TV ALSAT M, says that first of all, elections need to be held, and what the future government will be depends on the result, but that he is for a government with broad Macedonian national unity. and not for a government like now which is subject to DUI.

-Whether there will be and what the future government will be, depends on the result of the elections, which would be early or regular. So first of all those elections need to take place, based on the results of those elections we will have to see who, what and with what parameters he has, and only then sit down to discuss policies, see if we can converge towards the same solution based on those policies, he said.

I am for a government in which we will have a broad Macedonian national unity, because now we are in a government in which we have everything, but there is no Macedonian unity. We have a prime minister who has no popular legitimacy, and we have a Macedonian political party, conditionally speaking, which is a minority subservient partner, that is, hostage to those who actually govern, Mickoski is decisive.

Mickoski emphasized that after 20 years in power, it is time for DUI to go into opposition.

- VMRO-DPMNE appreciates, and I also say this at the events that we organize throughout Macedonia, under the title "This is Macedonia for all", that it is the right time after 20 years for DUI to spend a certain period in opposition.

When asked whether and if DUI wins among ethnic Albanians, there should be an opposition, President Mickoski pointed out that according to the numbers that VMRO-DPMNE has from citizen polls, he is not sure that they will win.

- Well, I am not convinced that they will win at all, considering the numbers that we have in our measurements, says Mickoski.

The president of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, in the interview for the 360 ​​degrees show, emphasized that the government has no legitimacy or authority to implement the process of constitutional amendments that they have been announcing all year.

"They were supposed to happen in the fall of 2022, not the fall, but the end of 2022, so they repositioned that date to February 2023, not February to May, so now we're at a stage where they're pushing it the way they're they imagined it" - said Mickoski and added "Politicians who wanted to have political authority and politicians with popular credibility should first appear in front of the people.

President Mickoski reminded that VMRO-DPMNE asked to give guarantees, to draw up a social package, to preserve national dignity as a prerequisite for any opening of the subject of constitutional amendments, but above all to go to the elections and all these circumstances and red lines to present themselves to the people.

"A solution was accepted for which there was no national consensus. Even certain parties that were part of the government coalition then stood against that decision. Why is that national consensus important? - pointed out Mickoski and continued: "When they tell you that there cannot be a better agreement than this, it is a kind of ultimatum. How should people know? In all this polarization in the Macedonian society, the lack of popular legitimacy and authority, should I believe in the negotiation and diplomatic abilities of Bujar Osmani, Dimitar Kovacevski and Ali Ahmeti that they have reached the best agreement and that there can be no better one? There was a better deal and I'll tell you better offers too. The proposal of the German presidency is much better than the one they signed. You know why it did not pass, because a national consensus was reached in Bulgaria and they rejected it and they knew that the next proposal would be much better, - said Mickoski and reminded that the government and Dimitar Kovachevski refused to include VMRO-DPMNE in the process when he was offered.

Mickoski pointed out that even the Agreement which was negotiated by the VMRO-DPMNE government and the GERB government and which was almost finished was much more favorable than the one signed by Zoran Zaev after that, but it was not signed at first because in the first moment Borisov's government fell, so there was a technical government for a year, and then those illegal recordings from 2015 started to be published by the then opposition and Zoran Zaev.

"I am looking for a fair chance for my people." This nation and these citizens of Macedonia have done so much for those European values, that they do not deserve this kind of treatment. That's all I'm looking for, a fair relationship, like the Slovenes, the Croats, the Czechs, the Hungarians, the Romanians. You know why there is no fair for us, because we have politicians who, following the line of least resistance, are ready to sign anything, in order to stay a day longer doing dubious things for which there are well-founded suspicions of crime and corruption,' - said Mickoski and emphasized that he will fight for his people and ask Europe to stand behind the values ​​that were defined at the time by Schumann, Adenauer and De Gasperi.

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