Micevski: VMRO-DPMNE does not support constitutional amendments under diktat and pressure


Constitutional amendments under dictation, pressure and impositions are impossible and we will never support them. It is a direct violation of the sovereignty of a country. Sovereignty comes from the people, and over 80 percent of the people say "NO" to this kind of violence by the government, he said. Nikola Micevski, the coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of VMRO-DPMNE in today's address to the Parliamentary Commission for Constitutional Affairs. He told the parliamentarians from the government that the constitutional amendments should come to the plenary session and be immediately put to a vote in order to see, as he says, "how this shameful violence against the constitution and the pushing of a Bulgarian diktat collapse."

This government has one key problem, and that is to lead despite the opposition, the people and the experts. He has nothing to do with building consensus on vital national issues, but takes all matters to the point of a fait accompli, undertakes obligations without fighting for the interest of his people, undertakes harmful agreements, which he then demands that everyone accept. It is unacceptable, it is a losing policy that does not bring any benefit. On the contrary, it brings damages and permanent catastrophic consequences - says Micevski.

He pointed out that this is no chance for progress, and the statements of Maricic and Osmani that "this is an opportunity that must not be missed" should not mislead the people.

No, gentlemen, this is no chance for the progress of the whole country. This is just a chance for their personal profit on the back of the Macedonian people and Macedonia. For some more AUDI as a gift from the neighbor, for a few more tons of steaks paid for by the people, for some more business and draining of the Macedonian land on which there are more and more plots of land that they sell as if they were on the market, and there are less and less people in it who cannot tolerate this terror and modern tyranny under the guise of democracy - adds the coordinator of the parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE.

Constitutional changes at the end of the European integration process, Miceski says, will guarantee a path to the EU without hidden intentions. According to him, the Copenhagen criteria are the measure of how far a country has progressed on its way to Europe.

If the constitutional amendments were made at the end of the process, we would have some certainty that we would not be blocked for topics such as history, textbooks, invented and non-existent hate speech and similar topics that Sofia now wants to impose, but the process would be conducted exclusively according to the level of fulfillment of the Copenhagen criteria. Gentlemen from the government, the Copenhagen criteria are the measure of a country's progress on the road to Europe, and they are easily measurable, not a moving target. That path was taken by others and we were looking for a chance for Macedonia to do it too - he clarifies.

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