Mice Jankulovski received the award "Best Artist" at the Larnaca Biennale

Macedonian painter Mice-Micko Jankulovski won the "Best Artist" award at the Larnaca Art Biennale. The Larnaca Biennale opened on October 13, will last until November 26, 2021 and is held on the topic "Borderless Borders".

The explanation and motivation for awarding the prize to Mice Jankulovski was given by the Biennial Council.

- Black is not a color, it is a border that suggests that there is nothing further, but Jankulovski's black paintings in the most suggestive artistic way prove that, nevertheless, there is much more in blackness, which violates the boundaries of the already known. Paradoxically, the expectations for overcoming the boundaries with expansion, Jankulovski achieves the limitlessness in his paintings by narrowing, focusing, in fact, by rejecting other colors, brushes - all attributes of the classical medium in which he works - the art of painting.

This continuous quest to see what is across the border using only classical, analog tools (without the help of new technology), along with the main artistic and conceptual attributes we have recognized in his paintings: monochrome, modularity, multiplication and minimalism, are valuable. Arguments for awarding this prize - it is written in the explanation of the Council of the Larnaca Biennale.

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