Mia Kostova collected 24 euros in 18.000 hours for the treatment of a boy from Skopje

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

The famous former host and influencer Mia Kostova has always been considered a person who has no problem sharing private and intimate details of her life. There is no doubt that Mia has her own "army" of followers who curiously follow her daily life, but due to the already recognizable brutal honesty about everyday topics, from the public as well as from the private life, she won the sympathy of numerous users of social networks.

Always ready to help where it is most needed, this time Kostova managed to collect 24 euros in just 18.000 hours, which will be intended for the treatment of a boy who is a student in the 4th grade at "Johan Heinrich Pestalozzi" OOU.

"Guys, we pushed the boundaries with the desire for Nikola to be good and recover as soon as possible! Over 200 small businesses donated products and services and over 200 people donated to Nikola, thus remembering the small businesses that turned out to be really great people. In 24 hours we collected about 4000 euros. In the end, I received an anonymous donation of 10.000 euros, the lady who shows me for the second time in my life that there are people in the world and I am extremely grateful!" Mia shared on social networks.

Shortly after her announcement and the collected 14.000 euros, Kostova shared that she received another anonymous donation of 3000 euros, while donations from small businesses are still active, with the amount of funds collected so far being around 18.000 thousand euros.

As long as donations from small businesses are highlighted, anyone interested can reserve the desired products or services and make a payment because hospital costs are unpredictable even though the amount necessary for treatment has been collected. Kostova thanked her followers and fans several times and all those who donated.

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