Mevlem for the soul and body: Fasting is good for heart and malignant diseases

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The big one Christmas fasting lasts from November 28 to Christmas Day, January 7. Believers during this period do not eat anything of animal origin, with the exception of fish, which is allowed on certain days. Although this type of diet is considered healthy and good for weight loss, the truth is that many people gain a few pounds during this period - because they choose the wrong foods.

Fasting is a period in which the body can be cleansed of strong, fatty food, too much meat and fast food, but if we do not follow it correctly, it can harm our health.

According to the rule, during the fast on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, fast on water, Tuesday and Thursday on oil, and on Saturday and Sunday on fish.

Bread is a delicious trap

Fasting on water implies that only foods that do not contain oil and that have not been cooked with oil are consumed. So, nothing fried, simmered, fried, just cooked in water. In other words, real cleansing of the body. Unfortunately, this is where the number one enemy of the spiral line appears on the scene – bread.

People who are fasting often overeat their intake of bread, because it fills them up, and it is lean. It is also fastest to make a lean sandwich, or simply buy a cooked bagel or some of the lean products from the bakery. It's not good for the line, and it's not healthy either, nutritionists agree.

In addition to bread, there is another product that is often overdone during fasting - soy. Although it is healthy and full of protein, it contains a plant hormone that mimics estrogen, so it can negatively affect the body if it is not taken in dosage. Of course, that doesn't mean you shouldn't eat soy at all, but it shouldn't be an integral part of every meal either.

What you should concentrate on during the fast, if you want it to be beneficial for your health, is fresh fruit (especially bananas and apples) and vegetables, dried fruit (which restores energy, but try to keep it without extra sugar), nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios) which are rich in healthy fats, and fish.

Where to get your protein?

During fasting, many people do not consume enough protein, because they do not eat meat, eggs, or dairy products, so they should concentrate on vegetable proteins, such as lentils, beans, mushrooms, peas...

On the market today, you can find a large number of lean substitutes for milk and dairy products, but there is a hidden danger in them - sugar. Therefore, always read the declaration in detail before buying something, so that instead of soy milk, you actually drink a drink with two spoons of sugar.

Although margarine is of vegetable origin, it also contains other ingredients that affect the high level of cholesterol, triglycerides and increase the risk of vascular complications, angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.

Wonderful for metabolism

Fasting is considered the oldest method of cleansing the body. When you fast, the body as a system and all its parts are less burdened, and besides, there is a belief that it cleans your thoughts and spreads love.

During fasting, the functioning of most organs improves, and thus the metabolism. It can be said that fasting has a refreshing effect on the body and the spirit. The thing is that it does not spend energy on digesting "heavy" food, but on removing toxins from the body.

This means that we give our digestive organs an "annual vacation". The energy that is conserved is useful for regeneration, healing and healing. By abstaining from food, we give the organs a rest, which accelerates the melting of fat deposits, cells and tissues are rejuvenated, and memory is sharpened.

Fasting is beneficial for heart and malignant diseases

Allergies, rhinitis, disorders in the digestive tract, skin complaints, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, asthma, malignant diseases. And this is not the end of the list of all health situations in which fasting creates good conditions for "self-help" - self-healing.

If any illness is present, the fast is started in consultation with the doctor.

One should enter the fast, and also leave it gradually. A few days before the start, light food is served. Also, after finishing the post, it doesn't immediately focus on everything that we may have missed. We can decide that we don't want to put some food back on our menu.

In the beginning, you may feel tired, accompanied by some other ailments and that is something to be expected, but you should not be discouraged. The end of the fast is usually characterized by better fitness. In any case, the inconveniences do not last long and the good sides of the fast are soon noticed. Skin, hair and nails get freshness and shine. You sleep better, you have more energy, and excess weight decreases.

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