Congestion at the port of Constanta is a threat to Serbia

Illustration: Wheat / Photo: Ashraf Amra / Zuma Press / Profimedia

The extension of the ban on the export of Ukrainian grains, until mid-September, in the five countries of the European Union that are most affected by the influx of cheap food will have some effect on the overall market. However, Ukraine's export potential is lower this year, especially when it comes to wheat, he told agricultural analyst Zarko Galetin.

– It will not be the same as not extending that decision, but Ukraine's export capacities are quite reduced. Let's say, last economic year, which is still current, its capacities were 15 million tons when it comes to wheat. Before that, 18 million tons were expected, and now 10 million tons, because the Ukrainians sowed a third less area - emphasizes Galetin.

What could have a negative impact on Serbia is that the wheat import ban is likely to divert supplies to the Black Sea region. According to him, Constanta is currently full of goods, completely overcrowded. It may happen that those goods from Ukraine will be diverted to this port again. This threatens us as a problem because in that case we cannot export via this route. Unfortunately, he notes, Constanta is no longer our reference destination and is the best and cheapest export route.

- So far we have exported a little more than 120.000 tons through Constanta, and 230.000 tons to Italy alone. So, it might be a problem if this port is full - says Galetin. He adds that if that happens, Serbia will be in trouble again.

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