Messi can accept an offer of up to 600 million dollars per season?


Lionel Messi wants to make a decision about continuing his career in the coming days, and his close friend and acquaintance journalist Veronica Brunati today he revealed all the offers for the Argentine.

According to her information, which is almost certainly the most reliable, Messi has official offers from Al Hilal и Inter Miami and unofficial from Barcelona, on which he is still waiting.

- The media in Saudi Arabia claim that in the next 48 hours, Messi can accept an offer of as much as 600 million dollars per season or 1,2 billion for two years. It is the club that has the most trophies in that country, and Messi would also be an ambassador for Saudi Arabia's tourism. Although his priority is to finish his career in Barcelona, ​​the club is still waiting for an answer from "La Liga" due to financial "fair play" and therefore Messi has not yet received an official offer. Barca still believes that on June 6, he will receive a positive answer. As for Inter Miami, they are offering him 10% of the amount they are offering him from Arabia – Brunati revealed on his Twitter.

At the same time, numerous sources claim that Messi is currently the closest to Al Hilal, unless Barca makes a last-minute U-turn and urgently agrees with "La Liga". However, today's statement by President Javier Tebas does not inspire confidence.

– The return of Messi? It depends on Barcelona and it is a question for the people in the club - said Tebas.

The final answer from "La Liga" is expected on Tuesday, as well as whether Messi will immediately accept the offer from Barca or Al Hilal...

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