Moon in Capricorn on September 22: You will be ready to take risks

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Today the Moon is in Capricorn and during that period it is best to think carefully and make plans. Today will be marked by a specific energy, which is otherwise characteristic of Capricorn, and will make you ready to take risks, it says "sensa".

Members of three zodiac signs will want to significantly change their lives, as this transit affects them the most.


The energy of the moon is what you need to raise your voice. You are a passionate person, and your level of enthusiasm is unbridled. While that sounds great in theory, you have to harness some of that awesome energy to get things done. Today you will be able to share some of your hopes and dreams, not just follow them. You need a plan and a way to make your dreams come true. This is where the energy of Capricorn comes to your aid. In love, it means that you have crossed the line. You are no longer afraid to tell your partner to be what you need. You have rules that you need to follow, and today you will fearlessly present them to the person you are with.

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The Maiden

Because of love, you have become a person who does not recognize yourself - and you do not like what you see. The energy of the Moon in Capricorn will allow you to see how much you have changed and that things can no longer go that way. You adore the person you're with, but you have to let them know that you've reached your point of no return. They must listen to you now… or never. You don't want to break up with your partner, but you can't let him think that the stranger you've become is someone you want to live with. Your partner will either have to accept you or leave. This is a risk you will be willing to take.

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If you want to be happy in the relationship you've committed yourself to for so long, then it's time to recognize and acknowledge your emotions. You feel like you are hiding from your partner and you don't tell him how you really feel. You have to be honest with them – if you want them to accept you as you are. During the Moon in Capricorn, you will stand up for yourself and open up completely. If you want the best for this relationship, you have to take the risk and tell your partner what you've been hiding from him. But don't worry – the Moon in Capricorn is a transit that leans towards success.

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