Monthly horoscope for August: A newer, more authentic version of ourselves

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In August, our lives change in order to make room for a newer, more authentic version of ourselves. Expect surprises and incredible turn of events, especially around the new moon on August 8th.


August is a well-rounded month for you. Leo fiery season suits you, because it always comes with the summer, fun and playful vibes that you like. Your ruler Mars will spend the whole month in the practical Virgo and thus you are called to focus on work and create routines that sustain your life. Venus enters your partner sector on August 16, which will bring you the best days of the year and raise your business or romantic relationship to a higher level.


August will bring several challenges for Taurus. The awkward position that the planets will form in the sky is likely to unravel the conflict you are experiencing between your career, romantic and home life. Awareness will be key as you face surprises this month. Once your ruler Venus enters Libra, you will enter an element. You will have the opportunity to connect with your inner magic.


July was a sentimental month for you, Gemini, but in August, you are ready to live! Your planetary ruler Mercury spends time in the fiery sign Leo in the first part of the month and with that you know what you want - and you want it now! When Mercury enters Virgo on August 11th, your ability to manifest reaches its highest level. Do not miss this time to be crystal clear about your strategy for the future. August 10th and 20th are happy days for you.


Your season is over, but there are still blessings waiting for you. In Leo season, focus on money, resources and the ways in which you manifest all the things that make your life full and rich. During the new moon on August 8 in Leo, connect with your intuition.


Your season is the best time of the year to focus on yourself and ask yourself if your current focus is really in line with the person you want to become. This month, the new moon will help you answer that question. By August 22, you will be more than ready to say goodbye to what спре prevents you from moving on with your life - you already know who or what this is about.

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In the middle of summer the vibrations around you are fun and social, but for you, the Leo season has a more introspective atmosphere. The area that rules your subconscious is activated this month and you are "up to date" when you allow yourself more time to rest than usual. Venus is in your sign during the first part of the month, suggesting the need to focus more on romantic meetings, relaxation and self-care. When the Sun enters your sign on August 22, it will be time to rediscover.


Cancer season was intense for you, but Leo season brings you cool vibes. This period will be for community building and networking. Venus, your planetary ruler, enters your sign on August 16 and with this transit you should enjoy life, you can attract love to her and meet your inner artist. If you were thinking of taking your relationship or partnership to the next level, August 23rd is the best date to sign the deal because Venus in your sign is associated with Saturn, the god of time.


You will be focused on your career during the Leo season. You have had an exhausting year so far and the planetary aspects this month highlight all the change that is happening and what is yet to happen in your life this year. As much as you can, try to balance work with rest time, especially around the new moon on August 8th. And for the good news, this month the blue moon will bring rewards for your hard work, so be sure to celebrate.


You enjoy Leo season socially, but in August you have to focus some of your time and energy on projects or career goals. When Mars is positioned in Virgo there is a perfect atmosphere for you to progress. Two dates to look out for are August 18th and August 22nd, when Mars will align with Mercury and Uranus to bring you great discoveries and even pleasant surprises.


In August, you will encounter obstacles in achieving your goals and even in completing a task. And while you are not hiding from a challenge, take this opportunity to have fun and think. Now is the time to really look beneath the surface. Once the Sun enters Virgo, you will begin to feel more comfortable. And when the rare blue moon arrives this month, expect a few surprises in your career and financial sector.


August is the perfect time to check your goals, hopes and deepest dreams. Fortunately, the internal (and external) tension you are now feeling serves as fuel to use this year as a chance to discover yourself. Use the magical transit of Venus in the sign of Libra, to broaden your horizons and think big about your future. When the blue moon in your sign rises in the sky, a super sweet surprise awaits you, so enjoy!


A brief visit to Jupiter in your sign brings you good, but with Jupiter now in Aquarius your planetary ruler sends a clear message: It invites you to wake up and use your inner strategist! It awaits you a lot, but for the rest of the year, the cosmos asks you to take a more analytical approach to your life to prepare for what lies ahead!

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