Mercury enters Cancer: All emotions will surface!

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After its stay in Gemini, Mercury entered the sign of Cancer, and Mars moved from Aries to Taurus. With Mercury entering this sign, emotions will surface, whether positive or negative negative.

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Mercury and Mars changed sign at the same time under a favorable sextile mutual aspect. This aspect brings pleasant communication, an active and quick mind, realization of plans, ambitions, entrepreneurial spirit, it is excellent for business contracts and all kinds of agreements and negotiations.

Until yesterday, the bad communication with certain people will gradually improve and there will be less aggressiveness, arguments and warfare.

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Mercury in Cancer means that the focus will be on relationships being enveloped in love and emotion. This includes family gatherings, summer vacations and conversations with loved ones. Reminiscing about some old times and solving family problems. You may learn about a family event or a secret. Mercury in Cancer will bring a dose of nostalgia to all zodiac signs, but also a desire for forgiveness.

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Cancers, as soft, gentle and sensitive as they are, are just as passionate and direct, as Cancer is cardinal water. Now is the time to express your feelings, to tell someone that you love them. With Mercury entering this sign, speech becomes full of passion, so anything can be said. Emotions and longings will surface, whether positive or negative.

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