Merima Njegomir only 10 days ago spoke about her condition: Painful words full of hope

merima njegomir
Mermira Njegomir / Photo: Printscreen YouTube

Serbian singer Merima Njegomir died on November 20th in Belgrade at the age of 68.

Serbian singer Merima Njegomir has died

Only 10 days ago, the singer talked to "" about her condition, saying that she trusts the doctors. According to Serbian media, Merima was suffering from cancer…

"I feel bad about my health, I am struggling with a serious illness. With a large team of experts and doctors, I hope to fight this serious disease. I use all my strength and all the energy I had in previous years to fight. "Many have fought, I hope I will fight too, I think positively," Merima said on November 10, adding that her children were her biggest allies in the fight:

"With a lot of help and support from my children, as well as friends and colleagues who call and I see that they love me, it is somehow easier for me and I hope that in the best way I can cope with this. "What can I say. I got sick like millions of people in the world get sick, so unfortunately it affected me too," she revealed.

"I who have always exploded with energy, but when the pain occurs then you are actually left to yourself and of course to those around you, and my four children are with me to the maximum and are fighting with me, so I hope I will overcome all this. . "I only have the fight left," Merima concluded at the time.

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