Mercedes is discontinuing numerous models

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Last year, Mercedes reaffirmed its new strategy aimed at cutting costs and focusing on profitable luxury and entry-level luxury vehicles. Although the German manufacturer did not go into details at the time, Car & Driver magazine is now filling in the blanks, reports "Telegraf rs".

The publication spoke to several "top executives" and reported that "of the 33 body styles Mercedes currently offers between Europe and the US, only 14 will survive." The luxury vehicles will continue to exist, but the German company has committed to almost halving the range.

Coupes and wagons appear to be among the hardest hit. This is not too surprising as Mercedes was already moving in that direction when the S Class Coupe and Convertible were discontinued. The future CLE will replace both the C- and E-Class coupes and convertibles.

However, that's just the beginning as the publication says the CLS will be phased out in 2024. An AMG JT 4-door will soon follow, which would mean the model only lasts one generation. Crossover coupe models will not be spared either. While the next generation GLS and GLE will reportedly offer coupe variants, they will disappear in the future.

The exact timing is unknown, but it appears they will be discontinued when the next-gen models reach the end of the road. As for the wagon, the C-Class wagon will reportedly "disappear after 2028."

Spy photographers have already captured the new E-Class Estate, but it will reportedly be discontinued for good in 2030. However, there are also some interesting models coming, including a new four-door coupe for 2026. Maybach also announced an ultra-luxury version of the latest SL. The outlet also says that starting in 2026, there will be a GLG SUV and maybe even a Maybach V-Class.

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