The amendment of the Constitution can start as early as this month, announced Pendarovski

Photo: Trilling / TV24 / printscreen

"If shortening my mandate by a few months will help the country to advance in democracy or integration, I will resign today, said the president Stevo Pendarovski in the guest appearance in "Trilling" on "24" television.

He said that the procedure for changing the Constitution should start "this or next month at the latest", and the only way to reach the necessary two-thirds of the total number of deputies, according to Pendarovski, is a debate with the opposition.

- I would prefer the procedure for changing the Constitution to start this month or at the latest next month and end before August, when the collective vacations of the state bodies, especially the Parliament, are taking place, because after that we are slowly entering a pre-election atmosphere and the atmosphere can only be worse. I would not like to see any other way to reach two-thirds and change the Constitution now in relation to the Bulgarians, except for a debate with the opposition, said Pendarovski.

According to the president, our government is pushing this process and will push it to the end, and there is no change in Bulgaria's state position towards the country.

He also said that the early elections "will not solve the political problems in the country".

- I am afraid that not only early, but also regular parliamentary elections will not solve the deep political problems because they are not from yesterday. We have a huge gap between two or three political blocs that have been looking at each other for years. I think that April 27 contributed a lot to worsening the situation, and there were no apologies for what was done, said the head of state.

Pendarovski says that he would consider a second term in January or February next year, a few months before the elections, to see, as he said, whether there will be support from political parties and what the citizens think of his work so far.

- I would not like to push myself if my rating is low, said the president.

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