Memeti does not know why the prosecutor's office is asking Georgiev not to leave the country with a complaint about the detention

The former Ombudsman, and current vice-president and member of the Council of Public Prosecutors, does not know why the prosecutor's office requested that measures be taken to secure him.

Tomorrow in Krivichen, he will demand an answer as to why he is not allowed to leave the country.

Ijet Memeti claims that he was framed in the bribery case, for which Supreme Judge Naqe Georgiev was arrested.

According to the suspicions, the two are involved in a case of taking a bribe to influence court proceedings against the ex-mayor of Novo Selo, Boro "Malboro", this time accused of cigarette and drug smuggling.

For the smooth conduct of the investigation, the prosecutor's office requests precautionary measures for Memeti.

He suggests confiscating the travel document and occasionally reporting to a competent state authority.

Meanwhile, Supreme Judge Georgiev, who has been in the prison in Shutka since yesterday, is demanding the abolition of detention. According to his lawyer, the detention measure is unfounded and he cannot repeat the crime because the Judicial Council took away his credentials at an extraordinary session.

The President of the Supreme Court, Besa Ademi, informed her colleagues today about the investigation and removal of Georgiev from the judicial position and reminded them of the basic commitments of the court for an independent judiciary, free from any influence.

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