Mehmedovic: The Kichev resident has been tested for monkeypox, he is currently in isolation

Dr. Zlate Mehmedovic
Dr. Zlate Mehmedovic / Photo: MIA

The person from Kicevo was tested for monkeypox today and is currently in isolation, the spokesperson of the Commission for Infectious Diseases confirmed for MIA. Dr. Zlate Mehmedovic.

"The patient from Kichevo was contacted today and then tested by the Public Health Center in Bitola. "At the moment, he is in isolation, and we expect the results of the test by 20:XNUMX p.m.," added Mehmedovic.

This was the first patient suspected of having monkeypox but refusing to be tested.

Chairman of the Commission for Infectious Diseases Dr. Aleksandar Petlichkovski at the last press conference regarding this case, he emphasized that there is no legal possibility to force the person to be tested, because this is not a disease that is followed by mandatory isolation, but there is only a recommendation. But, as he said, there is an opportunity to ask for health supervision.

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