As of today, travel between the countries of the Western Balkans is only possible with ID cards

greek border greece Bogorodica Evzoni
Border Crossing / Photo: EPA-EFE / GEORGI LICOVSKI

The agreements on free movement in the Western Balkans with ID cards, on the recognition of higher education qualifications and on the recognition of the professional qualifications of doctors, dentists and architects, which were signed last year on November 3, enter into force today in Macedonia, Albania и Kosovo.

Soon these agreements are expected to enter into force in the other three signatory states, Serbia, Montenegro и Bosna и Herzegovina, according to the completed legal procedures with them.

As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, these agreements establish the free movement of people with ID cards only within the Western Balkans; the mobility of students, professors and academic workers is enabled, while the recognition procedures are shortened from several months to two weeks and without costs; doctors of medicine, dentists and architects will be able to offer their services freely throughout the region.

– Each of these agreements provides a specific opportunity to help our citizens use their potential, expand their experiences and contribute to the good of our region. The agreements represent a significant step forward in our efforts to provide citizens with freedom of movement and integration, as a condition for the establishment of a common regional market, which will be the safest and fastest way to achieve our common goal - membership in the European Union - says Minister Bujar Ottomans.

By the way, the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been chosen as the depository of these important agreements.

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