Megan Markle thanked her colleague who refused a bribe to claim that they slept together

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When the British tabloids found out that once, during a break from filming a series in which they both had episodic roles, he went out to lunch with Megan, they offered him $ 70.000 to say that they were in a relationship.


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The American actor Simon Rex it took him a long time to talk about the torments and worries inflicted on him by the British tabloids. He was "targeted" by the fact that he once dated Megan Markle in 2005, which the tabloids wanted to interpret as a relationship, or worse - that they slept together.

- We did not even kiss. Nothing happened. We only hung out as colleagues on one occasion. "She was someone I met on the same project, we had lunch together and that was it," Simon told the Guardian.

Simon, the star of the "Red Rocket" series, was offered, as he says, $ 70.000 for an interview in which he would lie that he slept with Megan. The money, of course, was offered to him before or after her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018.

"I was penniless then. I really needed money. "I would rather use food stamps than do that," the Scary movie star recently revealed.

Megan somehow found out about Simon's gentlemanly gesture. She must have remembered how they met on the set of "Cuts" in 2005 (it was the filming of "My Boyfriend's Back" in which he also had a small role), so she sent him a letter of thanks.

"It's nice to know there are still good people," Megan wrote, according to US Weekly. And he framed the message and kept it at his home in California.

What his ex-girlfriend was going through after the royal marriage, Simon found out in March 2021 in Megan and Harry's interview with Oprah Winfrey, where the Duchess of Sussex also talked about her mental problems caused by the fact that for some of the British media (and part of the royal family) was not acceptable as Harry's wife.


"I simply did not see a solution. I sat at night and thought it was all over me. I realized that it all happened just because I was breathing. I was very ashamed to admit it, I was ashamed that I had to admit it to Harry because I know how much he suffered… I just did not want to be alive anymore. "And it was a very clear, constant and frightening thought," Megan said at the time.

Otherwise, after several years of "drought", Simon Rex left for business. That good returns with good is a fact for Simon, as he has been pursuing film projects in recent years. Only now in his forties can the actor say that he finally succeeded without agreeing to be a liar and a bribe-taker.


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