Medziti: Residents of Kosovo and Albania are not foreigners and they will be treated here at the same prices as Macedonian citizens

Fatmir Majiti, Minister of Health/Photo: Free Press

The Minister of Health, Fatmir Majiti, stated that the citizens of Kosovo and Albania will be treated here at the same prices as the Macedonian citizens.

The goal is for the citizens of these countries to be treated equally in terms of health services and to pay the same as Macedonian citizens.

"Kosovo citizens paid twice as high prices and that only in public healthcare, not in private healthcare. We gave an order from the Ministry of Health to level this, because actually foreigners do not come to Macedonia, they are from Kosovo, especially they come for health needs. I also took measures for the citizens from Albania who come and visit the hospitals in the Ohrid region," said Mejiti.

Doctor Aleksandar Mitov reacted to Minister Mejiti's statement on social networks.

"God grant that we had such a high health budget so that we could treat all the surrounding countries... But we don't."
Even Singapore and Switzerland do not treat citizens of neighboring countries. You only need a superficial knowledge of hospital budgets to know what the real situation is. So, some things don't even need an analysis to see if they are real and possible. It just takes a little awareness and common sense. But not only money, the latter is gone as well..." Mitov wrote on Facebook.

The Ministry of Health clarified the statement of Mejiti, adding that it is about leveling the prices, but for private treatment in public health.

In connection with the price list for providing health services to foreigners, a letter was sent to all university clinics and institutes to harmonize the price lists for private health services for foreigners with those for Macedonian citizens.

"These changes did not require any changes in the Law and some of the clinics and institutes already had uniform price lists, that is, one price list for private health services. With this change, we give foreign citizens the right to choose between public and private institutions, by promoting public health as an available and efficient health service in our country, competitive in the labor market", the Ministry explains.

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