Majiti offered Jovev to be his national advisor for cardiac surgery

Fatmir Majiti, Minister of Health/Photo: Screenshot

The Minister of Health, Fatmir Mejiti, today called on the dismissed director of the University Clinic for State Cardiac Surgery, prof. Dr. Sashko Jovev to be its national adviser on cardiac surgery.

– The budget I inherited was very deficient. We have a request from Cardiac Surgery, previously in conversation with the professor and other colleagues and with the rebalancing of the budget, I am ready to ask to increase that budget, in order for the Cardiac Surgery Clinic and the transplant program to function better and to increase the positive results and reach them in anticipation of the patients, added the minister.

He emphasized that Jovev will continue to be employed at the Clinic and will have his support in further work.

At today's press briefing, experts clarified dilemmas surrounding Jovev's dismissal, which caused reactions in the public.

Maghiti was asked what will happen to the economic director.

– For the organizational director, we sent an inspection, it includes both directors, they have both joint and separate responsibilities. We have decided on the first one, these days we will come out with an answer on the second one, the organizational director, clarified the minister.

To a journalist's question about his deputy, who did not agree with the minister's decision to replace Jovev, Mejiti answered that he would not comment on other people's statements.

It was also pointed out at the briefing that Jovev is not the only dismissed director, since Mejiti has been in office as a minister.

- There were changes in many other health facilities, medical directors, organizationally, some resigned themselves, and others were dismissed, added Majiti, noting that in the future there will be inspections everywhere and will be acted upon according to the law.

On Monday, Majiti dismissed Jovev from his duties as the director of the University Clinic for State Cardiac Surgery, due to what he stated yesterday as "certain irregularities in the operation", stressing that there is no politics in his dismissal.

Jovev, for his part, yesterday requested a review of the decision to dismiss him, noting that the State Clinic for Cardiac Surgery has not established any irregularities.

– Let's let the professionals do their job. The successes of this Clinic are the successes of the state and the Ministry of Health, said Jovev.

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