Majhiti, Kasami and Gashi signed a declaration for joint participation in the elections

Photo: Printscreen Besa Movement FB, European Union for Change with a declaration for joint participation in the elections

Afrim Gashi, Izet Majiti and Biljal Kasami signed a joint declaration of the European Union for Change coalition in Tetovo tonight for a joint performance in the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections.

As leaders of their parties Alternative, Democratic Movement and Besa Movement, they have committed themselves to a joint opposition performance in the Albanian political bloc with a focus on the country's accession to the European Union.

Before the signing, the three party leaders addressed the present party members and supporters who attended the event in one of the sports halls in Tetovo.

The president of the Democratic Movement, Izet Majiti, emphasized the need for mobilization for change.

"This is a movement for those who think differently from the crime of the party in power. Enough of silence, silence, apathy and single-mindedness. The time for change is approaching. I invite everyone to join, those who can change their minds can change everything, change is coming," said Izet Majiti.

Integration in the European Union is everyone's choice, said the leader of Alternative.

"He who cooperates only with the external factor to the detriment of the internal factor of the Albanian people, cannot rule without cooperation with the Albanian people. There should be cooperation for democracy, economy, social development to fight against corruption and discrimination on the way to the EU", said Afrim Gashi.

Besa Movement leader Biljal Kasami spoke last from the podium, pointing out that a higher conviction than their alliance is the "besa" (promise) for European changes.

"At this moment when in North Macedonia crime and corruption have gotten out of control, the justice system has been usurped by the government, education has been destroyed, healthcare has been neglected, while young people are leaving the country en masse. Let's unite to put an end to all this, let's be the voice of all citizens who are eagerly waiting for changes. Only united can we fight against all the aforementioned anti-citizen and anti-European phenomena of the current government. We are uniting because the Albanians in North Macedonia deserve authentic representation," Kasami said.

Also, Kasami indicated that they will remove all legal and constitutional definitions that are evasive in realizing the rights of Albanians.

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