Mejiti: The elections in the branches are rigged, Ahmeti appoints his own people by decree

Photo: Izzet Majiti / Facebook

The internal party elections of DUI, which are scheduled for July 2, in some party branches are rigged and are being conducted contrary to the party's statute - said the former president of the DUI branch in Chair Izzet Mejetti in interview for "Lime" newspaper.

Mejiti added that the winners of these elections are known in advance and that it is a group of people loyal to Ali Ahmeti, but did not name individual names. He said that these elections will not be recognized by the "DUI faction", alluding to the "Fire Group", of which he is one of the leaders.

Mejiti says that not only in Chair, but also in all other branches, "Mr. Ahmeti appointed people by decree, and everything else is farce and theater."

– The question arises: if it is about the "one member-one vote" principle, then how is it possible to know from now on, in advance, who will be the future presidents of the branches? It is already known who will be the presidents of the branches, as is the case with the branches in Poloshko, where this principle created divisions, especially in Tetovo, where DUI lost badly - says Mejiti.

When asked how he would deal with candidates who intend to take over the position he has held so far, once he is out of the race for the DUI branch in Chair, Majhiti replied: "We are not taking part in those internal party elections because we will create confusion among the membership and so as not to legitimize an undemocratic process, contrary to the DUI statute. We will not recognize those elections."

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