Mejiti: Ahmeti sealed his final isolation as of today, he is the biggest political loser

Press conference of Vredi / Photo Sloboden Pechat / Metodi Zdraev

Izet Majiti from the Vredi Coalition said at a press conference tonight that they are absolute winners in the Albanian campus and assessed that today's election process was anything but democratic. The state institutions that had the task of guaranteeing the process, Majiti says, put themselves in the service of DUI.

- We will inform all embassies, observation missions and other relevant institutions about all the events of the elections. I want to explain to everyone that violence against voting rights will be held accountable. Today, dear Albanians, the party that ruled the institutions for 22 years showed its true face. With the boycott DUI tried to return the political organization of the Albanians in Macedonia to the pre-political level. The party that emerged under the name "European Front" today boycotted the election process, an act contrary to every European standard, says Majiti.

He asked Bujar Osmani how he will justify the conduct of the elections in front of international partners tomorrow.

- Today, Ali Ahmeti sealed his final isolation from all relevant social and political actors, as well as international partners. As of today, he is the biggest political loser, Majiti added.

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