Medvedev: Russia should turn life in the West into a nightmare

Dmitry Medvedev / Photo EPA-EFE / YULIA ZYRYANOVA

Russia should respond strongly to Western sanctions, turning life in the West into a "permanent nightmare" and inflicting maximum damage on enemy countries, said the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, reports TASS. 

"We should try every day to do as much damage as possible to those countries that have imposed these restrictions on our country and all our citizens. Do damage everywhere, paralyze the work of their companies and government agencies. Find vulnerabilities in their critical technologies and attack them mercilessly. Literally destroy their energy, industry, transport, banking and social services,” he said.

"Let's turn their lives into a constant nightmare," concluded Medvedev, invoking the Old Testament principle of "an eye for an eye."

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