Doctors tomorrow at a protest from 5 to 12: Patients will not be refused a health service

Photo: MIA

The independent trade union for health, pharmacy and social protection will protest in front of the Ministry of Health tomorrow from 5 to 12. The dissatisfaction of the medical personnel is due to the fact that the Annex has not been signed to amend the Collective Agreement for health activity and their salaries have not been increased.

- The hour in which the protest is organized is symbolic of the fact that after all our work and reasoned approach to the Ministry of Health as a social partner in the past six months, it is already time to realize the signing itself. The idea of ​​the protest is to express the dissatisfaction of the membership of the Independent Union and the employees in the health sector in general, so that the work process in the public health institutions will not suffer consequences. The patients in whose service the public health institutions work will be able to receive the health services they would have requested on the day of the protest, the Syndicate told "Sloboden Pechat".

The request of The independent trade union is the signing of the annex to amend the Collective Agreement for the health sector, which will determine the salary increase for all employees in the sector.

- Regarding the number of health workers who will come to the protest, we can say that we see the mass in the presence of representatives from all trade union organizations that are part of the Independent Trade Union, from all public health institutions in the country, as well as from those employees who are not members of the Independent Trade Union, for the reason that the demand for which the protest itself is being organized affects all employees in the health sector. With this protest, we are asking for an institutional solution, because the Collective Agreement for the health activity is a two-sided act and its signatory, in addition to the Independent Trade Union for Health, Pharmacy and Social Protection, is the Ministry of Health, the President of the Trade Union Dr. Ljubisa Karanfilovski pointed out to "Free Press".

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