The bear that enters the houses in the Šarplanina village of Brodec will probably dislocate

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The bear that on several occasions terrified the inhabitants of the village of Brodec, Sharplanin entering their houses and properties will probably dislocate from that part of Shar Mountain to some other location in the country or in neighboring countries.

Such a decision was made by the Shar Planina National Park after several meetings with representatives of the Tetovo Department of Internal Affairs, non-governmental organizations, associations as well as the residents of the Shar Planina villages.

"In the village of Brodec, a bear moves in the village, enters the houses, she is with cubs. We had meetings about this problem, the municipal authorities, SVR Tetovo, the border police, non-governmental organizations, the locals, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management were present, so we decided to send that situation. We received a notification from the police about the possible risk to people, so the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management have been asked to relocate the bear. Now we are waiting for the decision," said Ibrahim Dehari, director of the Shar Mountain National Park.

The last record says that there are a total of 55 bears on Shar Mountain. Some of them often go down to the settlements in search of food. This is also the case with the bear that practically lives in the village of Brodec. The main reason is the wild landfills in the atar of this village, according to the National Park Shar Planina.

"That bear grew up in that environment, now it is taught in that place, it was raised next to landfills, it moves through the landfills around the village where it mostly feeds. I must say that in the village of Brodec, the waste is not collected regularly, and therefore the bear, as well as other animals, move around those landfills. We will see what the procedure will be. We have not had such a case, now we are just waiting for them to give us approval for deployment, and then we will additionally decide where we will deploy the bear, whether in Macedonia or in Kosovo or in Bulgaria, where they also have reserves for bears, says Ibrahimi.

By the way, the bears have already become permanent residents of the Šarplanina villages. In the video below, which was provided by the "Free Press" about three weeks ago, a bear with a small teddy bear is seen trying to enter a home in the Šarplanina village of Brodec. The villager closes the window in fear, but the bear persistently stands under the window and tries to enter his house.

Three months ago, a successful operation was carried out to save a bear by the employees of NP Shar Planina and the Public Institution Zoo in the city of Skopje. In the yard of a resident of the Shar Planina village of Bozovce, the employees freed a bear that had been stuck in a cable for about 10 hours. The bear was tired and scared, and after 3 hours of action it was successfully released.

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