"He beat me in front of everyone": Milena Radulović described in detail how he abused Mika Aleksic

Photo: Instagram/Milena Radulović

The court hearing against the famous drama teacher ended today in the Courthouse in Belgrade Miroslav Mika Aleksic, who is accused of rape and illicit sexual assault on the actress Milena Radulovi. and on other girls.

As Serbian media reported, the actress arrived at the hearing with her partner Ognjen Jankovic, who is a member of the "Belgrade Syndicate" group.

Not today's testimony, Radulović stated that she kept silent about the rape for a long time because she was afraid of her former teacher. According to her statement, she feared his power and his ability to manipulate the situation in terms of what was an acting exercise and what was not.

So, on one occasion, he beat her in front of the other students in the group. She said that Aleksic slapped her, beat her with his fists, that she hit her head on a closet, after which she realized that all this was not a practice.

“When it first happened to me, I thought the kiss was his test, maybe to see if I was strong enough. Then the penetration of his fingers into my body happened, I was scared and shocked. It was a feeling of betrayal by a man in whom I trusted, for whom I felt respect and awe. I lost my confidence, I thought he was punishing me, I felt dirty. And then the threats happened, that if I spoke, it would affect what my friends would think of me and that I would displease my then-partner. And when I resisted for the first time, he literally hit me and beat me in front of the whole group," said Milena Radulović in the crowded courtroom, Serbian media reported.

Then she added: “I was afraid to get out of the web that he had drawn me into. I had suicidal thoughts, I thought that after everything you did to me, my life was no longer worth living. I was afraid of Mika Aleksic. That man hurt me like no other in my life. He enjoyed pain, crying, I didn't know what that man was capable of. He beat me in front of everyone under the pretext that it was an acting exercise."

As she stated, Radulovic decided to report the teacher in January 2021 because she wanted to protect the other girls who attended his school. The actress said that she could no longer remain silent and that she felt guilty.

As a reminder, Aleksic is accused of four crimes of rape, two of which are of prolonged duration and five crimes of sexual harassment, of which two cases are of prolonged duration.

He was arrested and held in custody until September 2021, then remained under house arrest until March 2022, and was then released to plead guilty.

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