MD "Ilinden": Macedonians in the Golo Brdo area have been without electricity and snowy roads for days

Photo: YouTube / print screen

The Macedonian society "Ilinden" - Tirana strongly reacted to the situation created after the heavy snowfall, which blocked the roads in Golo Brdo, where the Macedonians were, and some are still without electricity.

"Due to the bad weather conditions, with heavy snowfall, wind and temperatures up to 10 degrees below zero, the Macedonians in the Golo Brdo area these days are facing the already known problems, snowy roads and interruption in the supply of electricity. Some of the villages received electricity after a few days, and the village of Pasinki has been without electricity for the sixth day, according to the company's announcement.

The photo they are publishing shows that fallen poles and uncleared snow from the road have not yet been picked up.

The society asks the competent Albanian institutions to "pay more attention and care to the Macedonians in Golo Brdo who are left to fend for themselves".

"We call on the Government and the Municipality of Bulqiza to urgently take all the necessary measures to improve the difficult situation in the Golo Brdo area," states the statement signed by the president of the society, Nikola Gjurđaj, and of the Golo Brdo branch, Fatri Fetahu.

The area, which is one of the most underdeveloped in Albania, without the necessary road and other infrastructure, is increasingly being abandoned by residents, especially young people.

In 22. settlements, until the fall of the totalitarian regime, over 35 thousand people lived, now barely 10 thousand, but the number of resistant population is much smaller.

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