Before France's first match at the European Championship, Mbappe spoke about – politics!

Photo: EPA-EFE / Caroline Blumberg

The saga ended recently Killian Mbape and the Frenchman will wear the jersey of Real Madrid from the next season, and today he made a surprising appearance at the press conference before the match with Astria.

At the press conference intended for the match with Austria at the European Championship, Mbappe surprisingly started talking about politics.

The French goalscorer called the young people to vote, but not only that, he also stated with the statement that they should turn their backs on the "extreme right". He did not directly pronounce the name of Marine Le Pen and her party, but with what she said in the statement, those who follow politics know that she gave her support for Emmanuel Macron.

"This moment is crucial in the history of our country. Euro 2024 is important in your career, but we are also citizens of our country, so we have to react. The situation we have so far is unprecedented. We are threatened by various extremes, so I urge everyone to vote, but also to be aware of what we are facing. We must identify with our values. I'm trying to wake up people of my generation, they say that sports and politics should not mix, but there are times when politics is more important than anything else, including our match tomorrow. Our country is in a difficult situation. "I am against any division, my values ​​are respect and tolerance," said Mbappe.

This statement by Mbappe comes after the current president, Emmanuel Macron, dissolved the parliament and called for snap elections. In the last election, Macron won twice less votes than Marine Le Pen's party.

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