A man in Slovenia shot from a family home and opened fire on police officers who surrounded him

The police in Slovenia received a report of a shooting shortly before 9:XNUMX this morning, in Drazhenci near the city of Ptuj. A man from a family house also shot at the police, who in the meantime surrounded the house. The tense situation lasted for hours, reports Slovenian 24 ur.

Arriving at the scene, they found a man with a weapon and repeatedly asked him to put it down. He refused to do so and started shooting at the policemen from the balcony.

The man went out to the balcony several times from where he fired several shots at 9:48 am. His target was also the policemen," said the spokeswoman of the police administration in Maribor, Anita Kovacic Celofiga.

Regarding whether the reports on social networks that the man in the house is holding hostages are correct, Kovacic Celofiga replied that the police established contact with one person and that there is no information that anyone else is with the man in the house.

Locals told Slovenian public television that the suspect had many weapons with him.

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