A Colorado man died after being bitten by a poisonous warthog he kept as a pet

Poisonous warthog / Photo: Pete Oxford / Minden Pictures / Profimedia

A Colorado man has died in hospital after being bitten by a poisonous warthog he kept as a pet. Christopher Ward, 34, was rushed to hospital shortly after being bitten by one of his two venomous lizards on February 12. He soon ended up on life support, and died on Friday, it reports BBC.

Jefferson County Coroner's officials declined to comment yesterday on the cause of his death or whether Ward died from poison or another medical condition. Ward's girlfriend turned the lizards, named Winston and Potato, over to authorities the day after the bite, ABC reports.

She told police that Ward immediately started showing symptoms – he vomited several times, then eventually passed out and stopped breathing. The 34-year-old bought Winston, who bit him, in October at a reptile show in Denver, and Potato from a breeder in Arizona in November.

Poisonous warts are venomous reptiles that live in the southwestern United States and the territory of Mexico. They feed on birds, their eggs and smaller mammals. The sharp teeth in the lower jaw have furrows through which the poison flows from the toxic sublingual glands. After their attack, people may feel severe pain and faint, but they are usually not fatal.

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