"Matica" published the novel "The Importer of White Nights" by Trajche Katsarov

Front cover of the novel / Trajche Katsarov

The new novel of the writer Trajche Katsarov entitled "The Importer of White Nights" tells a story about the elements that make up human identity. The novel was published by "Matica", and a review for the book was written by Hristo Petreski.

- Katsarov seems to be playing chess with the reader, so he created a reminiscent, nostalgic, but also deeply current and contemporary novel, where you don't know what is more important and lasting: whether the memories of his grandfather Trajko, or the seminars from the controversial day...

From page to page, from word to word, the reader unwraps the puzzle and thinks about other people's, but also about his own life, which is uncertain, unstable and bumpy, changeable and transient. The path of the man and the writer is sometimes up and sometimes down, so this documentary and factual prose, which delves into the psychological and the philosophical, can also be placed in that busyness and thoughtfulness, and the greatest benefit is the creative and creative process and the achieved result. .

The small and lonely, ordinary person in the middle of the everyday and the mundane, but also the great hopes, projections and nebulae - lead to skepticism, resignation, irony, parody, sarcasm and are a reflection of an immeasurable and uncontrollable impotence, disappointment, resentment, nirvana and catharsis.

The worst, most unbearable and most tragic is the status quo position and situation, which is why Katsarov primarily fights and fights (but also gets tired and exhausted) against it. This is a book for enjoyment and reflection, it opens and closes at the same moment, poses numerous dilemmas and puzzles, but also tries to demystify and unravel them - wrote Petreski.

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" number 181, in the printed edition of the newspaper "Sloboden Pechat" on 2-4.6.2023)

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