Mass exodus of Russians from Crimea: In 24 hours, 38.000 cars crossed the Crimean bridge

Photo: Printskirn / YouTube

Russian state media reported that a record number of cars crossed the Crimea Bridge, which connects Crimea to Russia, suggesting that Russians who settled on the peninsula after the annexation in 2014 are now fleeing to Russia.

According to TASS, 38.000 cars crossed the bridge in just one day.

In the meantime, satellite images of the explosions. They show how the location where the explosions took place looked like before the detonations and how it looks now.

Last week, Crimea was the target of Ukrainian missile attacks several times. Yesterday, a Russian army ammunition depot was hit in the Dzhankoy area causing a series of explosions. Earlier, the airbase of the Russian aviation was also rocketed, where, according to the Ukrainians, several fighter planes were destroyed.

These attacks, according to Kyiv, are part of the Ukrainian army's counter-offensive aimed, as stated, at the liberation of the occupied territories and the expulsion of the Russian aggressor from the peninsula, which was annexed by Russia in 2014.

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