Mars in Aries: How will your zodiac sign be affected?

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Mars today, May 25 enters the sign of Aries and will be in that position until July 5. In this period, we will move bravely, shamelessly and confidently towards achieving our goals. The energy of Mars in Aries will boost motivation and strengthen the desire to win and get everything we crave. Here's how this planetary change will affect everyone zodiac sign.


Mars in your sign can make you feel even stronger than usual. You will feel like you can start over and start a whole new chapter in any area of ​​your life, whether it is your career or your love life. You will also be encouraged to make bold moves in all areas of life. Just be aware of your tendency to expect immediate results. With the retrograde Mercury that lasts until June 3, communication, technology or transport will move at a pace that will be completely frustrating for you. Work with patience.


Mars in Aries illuminates your twelfth house of spirituality, which can make this period a little more sleepy. Instead of encouraging you to make an effort to progress, it will actually push you to withdraw, making your mental and emotional health an even higher priority. You've probably been doing this since Venus, your ruler, moved into the same sector on May 2nd. Although Venus may have inspired you to take extra time to take care of yourself, Mars will encourage you to meditate more, pursue your dreams, or work on your sleep patterns.


As of May 10, the retrograde Mercury could bring people from the past back en masse. But now the movement of Mars through your eleventh house of friendship will prompt you to do something with all that intellectual and social stimulation. You may want to plan a trip with friends you haven't seen in a long time, join forces on a group project, or start a charity that needs harmony. You will be more motivated to take the reins and step into a position of power, but that energy is best balanced by teamwork and collaboration.


The eclipse season still strongly affects you, because the Moon is your ruler. So, if you feel that spring is a stressful time and that energy change will help you, you are in luck. Mars in Aries brings new energy to your career as the planet of action moves through your tenth house. Whether you like it or not, you can come into the spotlight, discover that you are required to take on more leadership roles at work, and gain more recognition for all your hard work.

Mars enters Aries on May 25: Bravely and confidently achieving goals


Mars moves through your ninth house, the house of adventures. As one of the fixed signs, you tend to stick to what you know, often struggling with adjustments, even when the moment demands it. But with the planet of action in this fiery sign, you will be inspired to throw this tendency into the wind while perhaps exploring and enjoying long journeys and educational opportunities. This transit is also suitable for perfecting your love skills.

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As you move through Aries, Mars brings more energy and liveliness to your eighth house of intimacy, potentially boosting your desire to connect with your other half or a special person. The dynamics in your most intimate relationships will change - probably in a way that will make you feel more emotionally and physically satisfied.


You already feel comfortable with your ruler, Venus, who moves through Aries and puts more focus on relationships with the people in your life. But now Mars will move through the same zone, focusing on every wrong move of your dear friend, colleague or loved one. While you may be tempted to avoid conflict, this transit can actually lay the groundwork for a healthy conflict resolution if you are willing to admit and face any constant tension. And when Messenger Mercury moves into your eighth house of intimate relationships on June 3, it will be easier for you to reach the same page with other people.


The movement of Mars through the sign of Aries falls into your sixth house of daily routines and well-being. There is no doubt that this last lunar eclipse and the full moon in your sign have depleted your energy. You may feel completely exhausted. Still, you can rejoice. You will slowly recover and feel more energetic - especially since Mars is one of your rulers. You can easily check all your daily responsibilities and bring more balance in your daily activities. It can be trying out new exciting exercise routines or taking on more advanced work responsibilities.

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With Mars in Aries and your fifth house of romance, prepare for the experience of playful spontaneous love encounters. You have no problem expressing your needs, but this transit can raise that energy to a whole new level. You will also have extra energy that you will turn into artistic, creative activities and socializing. And since the retrograde Mercury will slow down your daily routine a bit until June 3, you may be tempted to put work in the background to go on a trip or a romantic getaway.


Mars in Aries brings a change in your pace. The planet of action moves through your fourth house, where the romantic Venus is located from May 2, so it is no wonder that you will be more focused on home than work. You may have had creative interior design projects in mind lately, and now, with Mars, you can take concrete steps to accomplish them. The same goes for all current conflicts with loved ones. It will now be even easier than usual to adopt a proactive approach. This can also be a time when you are planning an active family reunion.


With Mars moving through the sign of Aries, and thus your third house of communication, you will be even more sociable than usual. You will say "yes" to all things. But while your mental energy can now provide you with a full schedule, it will be crucial to make sure you endure it physically. Do not overdo it. Therefore, do not hesitate to take enough time to take care of yourself.


With Mars in your second income house, you will be encouraged to look for earning opportunities that speak to your personal values. You have increased energy to put your skills on the table, to express your most brilliant ideas and beliefs and to seek equal value in return. Retrograde Mercury can result in a bunch of demands to meet other people's needs, but at this point you will want to be clear about how you want to spend your energy. And if you find that this results in a higher salary or simply setting better limits, it can be a boon to your self-esteem.

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