Mars in Taurus: A wonderful period for planning and realizing your future goals

Paris Bordeaux horoscope Mars Venus
Paris Bordeaux, Mars and Venus, Photo: Wikimedia

Mars, the planet of energy and activity, will be in Taurus from July 5 to August 20 and will influence how we act and where we direct our energy.

After his exit from impatient Aries, he is now slowing down and becoming more careful. We play it safe. We will not dive into the unknown. We need time to plan our future efforts. We invest a lot of energy in the unstable aspects of life, because now we need a sense of security and solid ground under our feet.

With this Mars we retain what we have acquired and achieved. We deal with issues related to property, earnings, money in general, but also with everything that we somehow own.

Finances will be an important topic for many in the coming period, whether you're buying or selling something or trying to get more in order in that area of ​​your life. Money can become the cause of some misunderstandings with others.

We become persistent, thorough, practical, focused, stubborn, sometimes passive and lazy. We need more motivation to move and decide something. But once we start, giving up is not an option. A wonderful period for planning the realization of your future goals.

In late July and early August/August, its aspects to Uranus and Saturn bring temporary problems, quarrels and tensions. There is also a risk of fire, fire or explosion.

Avoid exposure to high temperatures and prolonged exposure to the sun.

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