Mars enters Aries on May 25: Bravely and confidently achieving goals

Photo: Unsplash / Lukas Meier

Mars enters Aries on May 25, where he will remain until July 5, 2022. In this period, we will move bravely, shamelessly and confidently towards achieving our goals. The energy of Mars in Aries will boost motivation and strengthen the desire to win and get everything we crave.

Mars in the sign of Aries feels at home and there its power is enhanced. Under that influence you will feel that your energy will be spontaneous, you will strive for better and you will be braver. The competitive spirit will be well developed, and your only goal will be to win! You will be active, focused and confident.

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Your actions will be direct, you will instinctively find the fastest way to get from point A to point B. The downside of Mars in Aries is the tendency to be impatient, arrogant, impulsive and self-centered.

You will move towards your goals bravely, confidently, without shame and directly, and the same goes for expressing anger. You will want to be the first to do it yourself - your independence, entrepreneurship and initiative will be more visible.

This transit is great for ventures that require courage and strength, but it does not necessarily mean lasting passion and energy. You will not want to look back or think too much - you will only deal with what you can achieve at the moment.

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Because Mars is a warrior in the sky, and Aries intends to reach the very top at all costs, this combination can ignite your inner fire. You may feel more competitive and confident, but also more impulsive and aggressive.

On May 29, Mars will form a fiery connection with Jupiter, the planet of happiness and abundance, which has just begun its months-long stay in the sign of Aries. Jupiter expands everything it comes in contact with, so in this case it will increase the volume of Mars' desire to reach the top. However, it should be noted that with Mercury, which is still retrograde until June 3, it could be difficult to achieve the kind of energy that Aries always strives for.

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On June 15, Mars will merge with Chiron, who is also moving through the sign of Aries. The asteroid, known as the "wounded healer," speaks to our ability to heal ourselves and then lead others along the same path. And in connection with Mars, fundamental anger and pain can be aroused. But you will have a unique opportunity to process in a productive way.

Mars in Aries will also collide with Pluto on July 1, and this variable aspect could give way to power struggles, so it may be the best time for increased awareness.

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