Marinakis reacts: The other side does not respect us, it is not called Macedonia but North Macedonia, according to the Prespa Agreement

Pavlos Marinakis, Greek government spokesman/Photo: Screenshot/YouTube

The other side does not even adhere to basic matters, does not respect basic issues, such as the name of the country, which is not called Macedonia, but North Macedonia, said the spokesman of the Greek Government, Pavlos Marinakis, at today's regular press briefing, MIA correspondent reported. from Athens.

Marinakis once again reiterated the Greek positions, criticized SYRIZA for insisting that the memorandums be ratified in the Parliament and said that for the time being, this will not happen because they are a negotiating weapon for the Greek side.

-From the moment that there are some negotiation weapons that are still on the table, one is the accession negotiations, the accession process of North Macedonia to the European Union that is described in one of the three memoranda, you obviously do not move forward, you wait and ask the other side to he respects, first the basic things, that is, what is the name of this country. It is not called Macedonia, it is called North Macedonia, according to the Prespa Agreement. So in the future, you see how you will continue, said Marinakis regarding the memoranda.

He repeated that although New Democracy was "against the bad Prespa Agreement" and voted against it as an opposition, he then explained that "if it is voted and ratified it will have to be implemented."

When asked by a journalist whether official Athens will take concrete steps at the next NATO summit in July in case the Agreement is not respected by the other side, Marinakis said that there is no need to rush, they will wait to see how things develop, but also pointed out that "the prime minister has shown that he does not make the slightest concession in the sovereign rights and national interests of the country."

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