Maricic: It is important that the opposition moved from a deadlock and changed its previous position on the constitutional amendments

At the Central and Executive Board of the SDSM tonight, we will define the next steps with concrete ideas about the working groups with the opposition and we will quickly intensify the activities. We have constant communications, but we will officially address the opposition to open this dialogue, said the Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bojan Maricic.

In an interview with MIA, Maricic pointed out that it is important that the opposition has moved from a deadlock and in some way changed its firm position that there will be no constitutional changes at any cost.

- It is good that they saw it, realized the need for consensus and from, let's say, a position in which we will not block ourselves as a state, and now it remains for them to show that good will in action. The government has given them a helping hand, the prime minister gave a concrete offer on the spot for the order of steps, said Maricic.

He added that the opposition did not reject this idea and only gave some additional conditions, and according to him it is worth sitting down and discussing it.

When asked about when the constitutional amendments would enter the parliamentary procedure, Maricic says that it is possible this month and it depends on the dynamics that will be agreed upon within the dialogue with the opposition.

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