Maricic: Disputed names can be prevented with a new law on associations and foundations

Bojan Maricic / July 19, 2022 / Photo: Government of the Republic of North Macedonia

Disputed names and titles of civil organizations can be prevented by a new law on associations and foundations, assesses Bojan Maricic, former Minister of Justice, now Vice Prime Minister for European Affairs and Secretary for International Cooperation of SDSM. The current situation, according to Maricic, is due to the fact that we have one of the most liberal laws in Europe for the registration of Associations.

"Really, associations were registered indiscriminately and this shows certain problems in practice. There was one case, there are other such cases. Although we have decided on the most liberal registration because in the past we have had cases before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg where we have lost as a state. The fact is that there is a need to create such a register because the restrictions on the freedom of association are clearly defined and they have certain limits and they are guaranteed by the Constitution. In our country, the freedom of association is guaranteed by the Constitution," said Maricic.

He says he has information that a new law is being prepared.

"Minister Tupanchevski is the most relevant to say that, but according to my information, a new law for associations and foundations is being prepared, based on which such a register will have to be made, which will, or will explain generically, what type of names would not be allowed of the associations, what type of names, or exactly which ones will individually list which names are not allowed. I think it is necessary of course. It must not mean and cannot mean the denial of anyone's right. It is also necessary to take into account the public interest and what may disturb the public or would go against the principles of democracy, freedom and the democratic system that was introduced here in North Macedonia with the Constitution," said Maricic from Tetovo, where he joined on the pre-election campaign with the candidates for councillors.

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