Maricic: Our goal was to protect the Macedonian language within the EU and we fulfilled it

Bojan Maricic
Bojan Maricic at a briefing with editors / July 4, 2022 / Photo: Facebook, Bojan Maricic

"Our goal in this process was to protect the status of the Macedonian language within the European Union, and not to convince Bulgaria to change its position. The goal was to have no influence on that position on the position of the European Union", said the Deputy Prime Minister Bojan Maricic at yesterday's briefing with editors of the National Radio Television.

Vice Prime Minister Maricic pointed out that a good analysis was made and it is not by chance or naively that they present this proposal and emphasized that the experiences of many EU member states were taken for our positions, which were then used during the talks with Bulgaria to reach a compromise solution.

In this context, Vice Prime Minister Maricic followed up on Ireland's experience, which was told by the Minister for Europe, Thomas Byrne, at the joint press conference, where very open and clear messages were sent that this is the moment and this is the proposal that should be given to him. a chance.

"There was an especially emotional speech, according to me, by the Minister of European Affairs of Ireland who said that Ireland should have given up its territorial claims to Britain in order to join the EU, that they had a 10-year blockade from France at the time, that really as a nation that was denied for a long time by his neighbors sympathize with us, but his conclusion was our identity has blossomed since we entered the EU", Maricic said.

As Vice Prime Minister Maricic pointed out, the Irish minister explained and made a clear comparison that today they use both the Irish language and the English language and that Ireland has developed economically, culturally and identity-wise since it was in the EU and from a country that everyone wanted to leave 50 years ago. years when they became members of the EU, today it is a country where people want to immigrate and want to live and work only because of the EU.

Vice Prime Minister Maricic emphasized that we should recognize these lessons when we need to take advantage of the opportunity, and therefore it is important to get into the essence of this proposal, said Maricic.

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