Maricic announces a new round of 300 passport forms in June

Photo: Free Press

Vice Prime Minister Bojan Maricic claims that in June 300 thousand new forms for issuing passports with the new constitutional name of the country are expected to arrive in the country. As he says, around 1.900.000 travel documents will be issued by September.

"We should look from the point of view of the citizens. The law only introduces additional legal uncertainty and problems citizens may have at the borders. As long as we have no official notification from any EU member state. The safest way to return to the country is with a passport, so no one will cause problems for the citizens, Maricic pointed out in last night's appearance on Top Topic on Telma TV.

According to his statistical information, until now the country has issued about 1.350.00 passports, he adds that this month, including this week, almost 300.000 new forms have been received.

"Those forms provide a momentum to print passports by June." This means that another 1.350.000 will be added to 300.000. In June, a new round of about 300.000 forms will arrive, and practically by September, about 1.900.000 passports will be issued, says Vice Prime Minister Maricic.

It adds that this is also the total real number of citizens, because as he says, not everyone takes out passports and is not interested in having a travel document.

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