Maricic: There will be a dilemma at the elections - will we negotiate with Bulgaria again or will we enter the EU

Only if we do not lose the next four years, the goal of concluding negotiations with the EU by 202 will be achievable - First Vice Prime Minister Bojan Maricic is decisive.

"If we do not try to turn things back, to negotiate again with Bulgaria, but to focus on negotiations with the EU, that goal is realistic. Citizens will have a simple dilemma, do we want to negotiate again with Bulgaria in the next 4 years, or do we want to continue negotiating with the EU. We offer to continue negotiating with the EU. We made all the prerequisites for the start of the negotiations, in a difficult process we came to the compromise with Bulgaria, we have adopted a negotiation framework that protects our national interests, the Macedonian language, its status and the only condition for the continuation of the negotiations are the constitutional amendments, and all other issues we went outside the negotiation framework and outside the negotiation process, putting them on a bilateral field where we have to solve them with Bulgaria", Maricic said in Telma's Top Topic.

If the screening and the two reports for the first and second cluster are successfully assessed, Maricic continued, what follows is the completion of the negotiating groups after the elections.

"We are already implementing the growth plan or we are working on implementing it, and all this is achievable in 4 years to conclude the negotiations by 2028, if we use all the capacities", says Maricic.

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