Maricic: There are people who are the status quo of the state, among them Siljanovska

For First Vice Prime Minister Bojan Maricic, the identity of Macedonia is protected, and so is the language. He says that they have nothing to fear because in that process those who are the status quo should have been afraid, including the presidential candidate from VMRO-DPMNE, Siljanovska Davkova

"I am sure that in the upcoming elections, the victory of President Pendarovski and the Coalition for a European Future is certain, guaranteed and will take us forward," said First Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary for International Cooperation of SDSM, Bojan Maricic, in response to a question regarding the statement. to Siljanovska that pride is not bought, given as a gift, but deserved, and it refers to a previously expressed statement from the other side, that it is for the isolation of the state," said Maricic.

Maricic pointed out that we should see the European process, the process of negotiations, as a mechanism for removing our weaknesses, as a mechanism for reforms, a better system, better rule of law, better judiciary, better education, better health, and as a system that it should bring us progress in the country.

"I am sure that the citizens saw who is in favor of blocking and who is in favor of moving forward, they saw that our Government, despite all the problems and shortcomings, set the right direction for the country, which is EU membership. After NATO membership, this is the fulfillment of our second priority. And where we are going, we can only get there with brave decisions, and by removing omissions and mistakes, and we can do that only through reforms," ​​Maricic said.

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