Maricic: Citizens will not allow the retrograde rule of VMRO-DPMNE, they want a European future

"I am convinced that the citizens do not want to see a retrograde government of VMRO-DPMNE. And that they often struggle with the feeling of the retrograde power of VMRO and disappointment with some of our policies, that's right. But I am also convinced that the citizens accept that the direction in which this Government is moving the state is more correct than the direction in which VMRO would move. We are aware that there are complaints about the lack of rule of law, the judiciary, how much we are fighting with some corrupt phenomena, but we are also aware that the citizens mostly believe that this government and the SDSM and the coalition can deliver the European future that the citizens want. , said First Vice Prime Minister and Secretary for International Cooperation of SDSM, Bojan Maricic, on the "Politicians" podcast of Sloboden Pechat.

He referred to the time when no one believed that Macedonia would become a member of NATO, so it has already been a member for 4 years and that the same thing is happening now.

"Slowly but surely we are opening some topics like the European Project for the Prespa region, the fact that 30.000 young people who went through Erasmus this year, the 100 million for farmers, companies that used serious funds. And that is a minor help that we can take. And we cannot come to terms with the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina will start the negotiations, and our colleagues from Moldova and Ukraine are looking to us for screening programs as positive examples, to lead their screening, and for us to help them, and we to stand still and shout that we do not want to go further, because we do not want the Bulgarians to enter the Constitution. There is no logic to that," said Maricic in "Politicians".

He emphasized that it is crucial that VMRO-DPMNE and their destructive politics do not prevail after the elections. Because if the politics of "NO" to everyone and everything prevails, then everyone will say NO. And that's why that policy should be defeated.

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